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They call him the Bitter Buddha, comedian Eddie Pepitone is a master of the dark art of comedy. Hailed as a modern day cross between Jackie Gleason, Don Rickles and
Eckart Tolle.

In addition to his stand-up skills, Eddie Pepitone is a stand-out comic/character actor. Pepitone began his comedy career in New York City, quickly becoming a regular on the scene. He appeared regularly on Late Night With Conan O'Brien. His other numerous television appearances include Chappelle's Show, Crossballs on Comedy Central, Jimmy Kimmel Live, King of Queens, Last Comic Standing, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Sarah Silverman Program. Pepitone also appeared in the hit movie Old School.

Eddie Pepitone

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Eddie Pepitone
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Apocalypse Audition

Apocalypse Audition
Watch more comedy videos from the twisted minds of the UCB Theatre at
This was a Rant, posted on 09/19/11 by

Day of Rage

To be funny or to be a social activist or both? So I, like a lot of people, are scared to take to the streets and vent about the corporate fascism that rules the globe. I want justice and equality and healthcare for all. I have to admit that I buy into the distractions that keep us all in a torpor of rooting for sports teams and watching reality shows comprised of idiots from hell.

I suffer from narcissistic voyeurism as well. i want to be the center of the universe- fame, glory, attention, attention, attention. I want the Yankees and the Giants to win, win, win, win. i want to overeat factory-farmed tortured animals in a bout of hedonistic self-consumption and absorption. I want, I want, I want, I want….

So today in Wall st, NYC there are people massing against the scourge of mentally ill rich fucks who think they can treat people and the planet as their personal toilet. Millions without basic healthcare and nutritional food but the spectacle of sports, porn and CSI Miami goes on..

I myself am an absurdest anarchist who loves to make the masses laugh but things have gotten ridiculously lop-sided with the rich (top 1% of population) getting way too greedy. From Ronald Reagan to the current phony Obama the transference of wealth has been frightening.

So what to do when you are a creature of comfort. The police state awaits with it’s tasers and helicopters (here in L.A.) and basically they are a small military. The populace is an amalgam of morons who don’t read or organize ( I include myself). The transition from voyeuristic comfort to activist is not an easy one. My friends don’t talk seriously about a mass revolution- they are either too busy smoking dope or making amore- until they are fucked by the system.

This was a Rant, posted on 09/17/11 by

My Rage is Fuel

Our rage is fuel but society wants it boxed in, so we kill ourselves by overeating and drugs and alcohol to try and quell the rage. I propose that we direct our rage towards the people responsible: the corporations who rule our lives. Start boycotting their products: cancel your cable (just keep wifi) , stop buying their shit. Organize, organize, organize. Koch brothers- find out what they make and don’t fucking buy it. Do that with other corps that enrage you. BP, GE, etc… I know that it would leave us with little options but it can be done. We live in a cesspool of corporate wealth while the rest of us barely have jobs, food and health care. It has to stop. Don’t elect a Democrat just because they are the lesser of 2 evils. Yes the Republicans are psychotic but the democrats are just as bad, maybe worse since they profess to be for the average citizen. Vote 3rd party ie Green. The teaparty is just a bunch of uneducated morons who do the coporate fascist states bidding. so in conclusion of my 1st rant on my new website- take action by boycotts and organizing and vote for your Green candidate. Love all and stop watching mind-numbing shit like reality t.v.

This was a Rant, posted on 09/06/11 by

Eddie Pepitone » Rant 2011-09-04 02:26:16

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The Longshot Podcast 





The David Feldman Comedy Podcast

(weekly- guests include Martin Short, Andrea Martin, Paul Dooley)




This was a Rant, posted on 09/04/11 by

Improv Tonight

Catch Eddie at the Improv tonight, limited tickets available, come on down!

This was a Rant, posted on 09/01/11 by

Eddie Live

Eddie Pepitone “Let’s Order In” from CleftClips on Vimeo. Eddie Pepitone “How’d You Get The Shirts So Fresh?” from CleftClips on Vimeo.

This was a Rant, posted on 09/01/11 by
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